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TSI Hosted Webinar

What is The Value of Real-Time Aerosol Monitoring?

What is The Value of Real-Time Aerosol Monitoring?

Apr 21 2021 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (CDT) WebEx Webinar

Real-Time MonitoringDescription

Understanding worker exposure to dangerous elements in work environments requires data. TSI’s aerosol and dust exposure monitoring solutions allow Industrial Hygienists and Occupational Health and Safety professionals to capture critical exposure information needed to ensure worker safety. Collecting exposure data in the moment—as opposed to days, weeks, or months later—improves worker safety on the job and reduces risk to companies.

This one-hour webinar will:

  • Define what an aerosol is and outline the types and characteristics
  • Explore the effects of aerosol particles on human health
  • Explain different ways to monitor and measure aerosols
  • Highlight the value of real-time monitoring
  • Outline the various industries and applications for real-time dust monitoring



Andrew Lasch, Product Specialist
Andrew Lasch is the product specialist for the environmental and exposure monitoring solutions groups at TSI® Incorporated. He started his career with TSI® Incorporated in 2016, as a technical support specialist on the DustTrak™ and SidePak™ Personal Aerosol Monitor AM520, as well as other TSI® products. Andrew graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Chemical Engineering in 2015.