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Indoor Ventilation & Health Effects Webinar

Mar 04 2021 - Mar 04 2021 10 AM - 12 PM CST Zoom Webinar https://ucdavis.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_IF8otX-LRmuzrlXa1q1Hww

Indoor Ventilation & Health Effects WebinarTSI is a proud sponsor of the Air Sensors International Conference (ASIC) Indoor Ventilation and Health Effects webinar, held on Thurday, March 4 at 10AM - 12PM Central. 

The connection between indoor air and long-term human health has been well established and accepted in the scientific community. The on-going pandemic has, however, brought to fore another dimension of indoor air—its role in disease transmission and public health. To counter indoor transmission of COVID-19, one of the important recommendations of agencies such as ASHRAE and CDC is to increase ventilation rates and decrease particle concentrations in indoor spaces. With the emergence of low-cost gas and particulate sensors, these indoor air properties can be studied and controlled with resolution not possible before. In this series of presentations by experts from academia and industry, we will explore how sensors can help improve our understanding of indoor air, ventilation, and health.

Register Now: https://ucdavis.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_IF8otX-LRmuzrlXa1q1Hww