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COVID-19 - Be prepared in less time

Feb 24 2021 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (GMT) NHE hosted webinar

Fit Testing Of Disposable Respirators For Healthcare Workers

NHE LogoTSI is proud to invite you to a co-hosted webinar  "COVID-19 - Be prepared in less time" with the National Health Executive (NHE) and Phil Salisbury from the Oxford University Hospital NHS Trust.

This webinar, tailored for a UK healthcare audience, will discuss the unique challenges faced by healthcare organisations and workers during the coronavirus pandemic and how the pandemic has highlighted the importance of speed and accuracy when it comes to respirator fitting.

The webinar will feature the following topics:

  • Unique challenges faced by Healthcare Organizations and Workers - Introduction of a NHS Trust mask fit testing programme using PortaCount® Respirator Fit Tester
  • Quantitative Respirator Fit Testing
    • Principles of Quantitative Fit Testing method, latest technology / instruments
    • Benefits and advantages of the Quantitative Fit Testing method
  • Question and Answer Session


About the presenters

Phil SalisburyPhil Salisbury is a Senior Project Manager for fit testing at the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust.


Kasmiro Aheer and Diane Thomlinson, Infection Control Nurses at Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust


Maxine DollowayMaxine Dolloway has been a Direct Sales Specialist at TSI for 8 years, specializing in the Health & Safety product range, of which the PortaCount Respirator Fit Tester is a part of. She is Fit2Fit accredited for both the qualitative and quantitative method of fit testing.