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TSI Hosted Webinar

Converting Spaces to Isolation Rooms for COVID-19—HVAC Design & Monitoring

Converting Spaces to Isolation Rooms for COVID-19—HVAC Design & Monitoring

Jun 02 2020 RECORDING AVAILABLE Webex Webinar

As we continue to grapple with waves of COVID-19, hospitals, healthcare facilities, and long term care facilities need to increase the amount of space dedicated to airborne infectious isolation. During this free one-hour webinar, you will learn:

  • What are the HVAC standards for an airborne infectious isolation room?
  • Techniques and materials needed to create an airborne infectious isolation space.
  • How to properly monitor the space to ensure safety of nurses and doctors.

RECORDING AVAILABLE (originally held June 2, 2020)


  • Hospital facility managers
  • Design engineers
  • Control contractors
  • Dentists
  • Long term care facility managers


David Ruhland is a Global Product Manager for TSI Controlled Environments. He has over 20 years of experience helping hospitals and laboratories improve safety and energy efficiency through the use of HVAC controls. Dave is a member of the ASHRAE committee for testing fume hoods.

Ryan O’Grady is the Americas Sales Manager for TSI Controlled Environments. His team is responsible for growing market share of TSI’s industry leading hospital room pressure monitors and controls. Prior to joining TSI, Ryan has had over 15 years of experience in the HVAC controls field, specializing in integrating field devices into building automation systems.


Hospital room pressure monitors and controls help keep patients and staff safe. TSI’s quality products use proven technology and engineering for the best possible health, safety, and compliance outcomes. Hospitals around the world choose TSI room pressure products.