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Working in Thermal Environments

Jun 12 2019 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Park Inn Radisson Manchester City Centre, Cheetham Hill Road, Manchester M4 4EW UK https://login.bohs.org/iCore/Events/Event_display.aspx?EventKey=THERMAL19&WebsiteKey=6d387463-2fa0-42c2-a901-967460d905eb

Andrew Sinclair of TSI will present heat stress instruments at Working in Thermal EnvironmentsThis one-day seminar hosted by BOHS (The Chartered Society for Worker Health Protection) features speakers from ISO, Loughborough University, Portsmouth University, and companies like TSI. TSI's Andrew Sinclair will demonstrate and give a presentation on heat stress monitoring.

Topics to be addressed at Working in Thermal Environments include: "technical aspects (such as an update on international thermal environmental standards), practical case studies (covering real world examples in petrochemicals and elsewhere) and new research (including the European HEAT-SHIELD project, looking at health and work productivity in the context of global warming)."