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Urban Air Quality Monitoring Workshop

Following the Aerosol & Particle Measurement Short Course 2018

Urban Air Quality Monitoring Workshop

Aug 23 2018 - Aug 23 2018 8:15 AM to 3:30 PM 500 Cardigan Road, Shoreview, Minnesota

Following the Aerosol & Particle Measurement Short Course at the University of Minnesota, TSI is offering a day of hands-on training with particle instruments at the TSI laboratory in Shoreview, Minnesota. 


The workshop features a presentation by University of Minnesota Professor Emeritus Dr. Peter McMurry on instrument calibrations pertinent to atmospheric aerosol measurements. Laboratory sessions will offer opportunities to use TSI's new real-time mass aerosol measurement system QCM-MOUDI, the new Butanol Condensation Particle Counters, and the Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer 3938 SMPS.

Three laboratory sessions will focus on:

  1. number- and mass-based monitoring of atmospheric aerosol
  2. mobile measurements
  3. SMPS & CPC field maintenance.


  1. Number-and mass-based monitoring of atmospheric aerosol: Number and mass are both valuable metrics when measuring ambient aerosol. TSI has instruments suited to both fo these tasks, and can span the size range from 1 nm - 20 µm. This sessions features the following instruments: Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer 3938E57 SMPS (1nm SMPS), QCM MOUDI 140 Real-time Impactor and other MOUDI Impactors, Aerodynamic Particle Sizer(APS) 3321.
  2. Mobile measurements: Take your measurements on the road! Certain TSI instruments are designed specifically to take measurements while on the move, while others can be made mobile with some more planning. Take TSI instruments outside, and measure emissions from realistic sources such as lawnmowers. Instruments featured include Nanoscan Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer (SMPS), Nanoparticle Emission Tester (NPET), Optical Particle Sizer (OPS), and Fast Mobility Particle Sizer (FMPS).
  3. SMPS & CPC field maintenance: On a field campaign, even small problems with an instrument can translate into bigger problems with your data. Learn about maintenance you can do on your CPC's and SMPS's while away from the lab, both to keep instruments in good working order and to address problems in the field. Participants will have access to the following instruments: Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer with Differential Mobility Analyzer, new Butanol-based Condensation Particle Counters (CPC), water-based Condensation Particle Counter, other CPCs.

If you have any questions regarding the workshop, please email particle@tsi.com.


Please register by Thursday, August 16th. Both breakfast and lunch will be provided. Complete the form below to register.

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