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Greater HVAC Efficiency (Az Ön célja is a hatékonyság növelése?)

Sep 19 2018 - Sep 19 2018 8:30 AM - 2:00 PM WM Laboratory Kft, Késmárk utca 9. Budapest, Hungary http://www.tsi.com/Forms/EMEA-Seminar-2018-WM-Laboratory.aspx

How can you be more productive in testing and balancing HVAC systems? Learn how you can complete your daily tasks more efficiently.

Topics we will cover:
+ Air Velocity Measurement Technics: The New Age and the Legacy Method
+ Differential Pressure Measurement: Techniques and Usage
+ Testing and Balancing: The Easy Way with the TSI Accubalance
+ Test and Maintenance of Thermal Comfort in Office Environment

+ Hands-on sessions and demonstrations with TSI Ventilation Test Instruments