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Cleanroom Monitoring Seminar Madrid

Sep 12 2019 Hotel Vincci Soma, Calle Goya 79, 28001 Madrid, Spain https://tsi.com/focus/emea-cc-seminar-spain-sep-2019_en/

Join us for a cleanroom monitoring seminar in MadridTSI and our Gold Channel Partner Steriltech S.L. are hosting a one-day seminar and workshop in Madrid. Join us at the Hotel Vincci Soma for a day of hands-on learning with TSI instruments.

Topics to be covered in the seminar include continuous microbial environmental monitoring, the difference between cleanroom classification and cleanroom monitoring, designing monitoring systems, and particle counter functions and calibration. We'll discuss relevant standards like ISO 14644-1 & 2 and ISO 21501-4.

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