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International Portable Emission Measurement System

Join us at the 2020 International Portable Emission Measurement Systems (PEMS) Conference!

International Portable Emission Measurement Systems (PEMS) Conference

Mar 19 2020 - Mar 20 2020 Bourns Technology Conference Center, 1200 Columbia Ave, Riverside, CA Exhibit Hall https://www.cert.ucr.edu/pems

NOTICE: This event, originally scheduled for March 19-20, 2020, has been postponed in response to Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 concerns. See more information on the PEMS Conference website: https://www.cert.ucr.edu/pems

In its 10th year, the International PEMS Conference theme will be: "From the Laboratory to the Real World: Understanding Community Impacts". Leading research experts in industry, government, and acedemia attend this event to discuss applications and importance of portable emission measurement systems, in current emissions and fuesl research. Topics will include: government policy, energy, engine emission risks to human health, air quality, and more. 

Are you ready for sub-23 nm? Visit the TSI booth in the exhibition area and learn how our portfolio of particle instruments and fluid mechanics systems can prepare you for post Euro 6 regulations! TSI has combined the well-known 3090 Engine Exhaust Particle Sizer (EEPSTM) with the 3098 Porous Tube Thermodiluter (PTT), to work as one integrated system known as the 3095 Engine Exhaust Particle Measurement system. Our research experts will be discussing how the new 3095 system addresses the industry’s need for robust and repeatable measurements that are in excellent agreement with PMP-compliant instruments.