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GDR SUIE Thematic Workshop: Aerosol Metrology

Jul 04 2019 INSTN, Centre CEA Saclay D36, Institut national des sciences et techniques nucléaires, 91190 Saclay http://suie.utinam.cnrs.fr/spip.php?article177

GDR SUIE thematic workshop: Aerosol metrologyGDR SUIE is part of the National Center for Scientific Research of France. They are hosting a one-day workshop on soot metrology on July 4 at INSTN, the National Institute for Nuclear Science and Technology, which is part of the Saclay Nuclear Research Centre.

TSI's Torsten Tritscher will give a presentation at the GDR SUIE workshop on "Ultrafine (Soot) Particles: Number, Size and Mass Measurement Techniques." This presentation was authored by representatives of TSI GmbH and TSI France, including Torsten Tritscher, Thomas Krinke, Stéphane Furusho-Percot, Eric Filimundi, and Oliver F. Bischof.

Other workshop topics will include:

  • methods for measurement of soot
  • reliability of collected data in soot metrology

TSI will also exhibit particle instruments at the GDR SUIE Soil Metrology workshop, including scanning mobility particle sizers, impactors, and other instruments for measuring particles and nanoparticles.