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ASIC 2024

30 Apr 2024 - 03 Mai 2024 Riverside Convention Center, Riverside, CA 410 https://asic.aqrc.ucdavis.edu/

Hosted by the University of California, Air Quality Research Center - ASIC brings together stakeholders from academia, government, communities, and commercial interests to promote and advance air pollution sensors, improve the data quality from these sensors, expand the pollutants measured, and foster community involvement in monitoring air quality.

Introducing the newest product to TSI's line up - TSI OmniTrak™ Solution​ where Efficiency Meets Intelligence. 

Join us as we unveil our latest innovation: Game-changing TSI OmniTrak™ Solution. Designed to maximize efficiency and save time, our new solution is set to redefine benchmarks and push the boundaries of technology through wireless monitoring and reporting.

Visit our booth to experience firsthand how the TSI OmniTrak™ Solution can accelerate your business processes and deliver unmatched efficiency. Our team of experts will be there to answer all your questions and provide live demonstrations.

We can’t wait to meet you there and explore what the future holds with Air Quality Sensors. Let’s innovate and lead together! Booth #410


Check out our other Air Quality Monitoring Solutions: 

TSI BlueSky™ Continuous Environmental Air Quality Monitors

BlueSky™ Environmental Air Quality Monitors provide trusted results to help protect what's important. Designed for community watch groups, local EPA organizations, fugitive dust monitoring, government agencies, and municipalities, TSI® offers over 50 years or industry experience to support the needs of those looking to utilize low-cost gas sensing (CO, CO₂, NO₂, SO₂, O₃) capabilities, in addition to measuring particulate matter (PM) mass concentrations, temperature, relative humidity (RH), and barometric pressure (BP).

AirAssure™ Continuous IAQ Monitors

Continuous Insights Into The Air Around You with the AirAssure™ Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Know your indoor air quality at all times with the high-fidelity, user-friendly AirAssure™ IAQ Monitor. The AirAssure™ IAQ Monitor continuously measures the factors critical to understanding your indoor environment and puts them at your fingertips in real-time with TSI Link™ Solutions. You’ll have all the information you need to make informed decisions.

DustTrak™ Environmental Monitors


DustTrak Environmental Air Monitor models 8540 and 8543 are data-logging, light-scattering laser photometers designed to fit inside the DustTrak Environmental Monitor Enclosure. DTE monitors measure particulate matter, including PM1, PM2.5, and PM10.