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2021 Ultrapure Micro Conference

Nov 03 2021 9:30–9:55 a.m. PST Virtual Register to Listen In https://ultrapuremicroevents.com/2021-agenda-day-1/

Hear TSI Expert Speak at 
2021 Ultrapure Micro Conference
Online Event

Join to learn about current technologies available in Detecting Aerosol Events Caused by Nanoparticles.

As geometries in semiconductors continue to decrease, the size of particles that can cause defects also decreases. With some feature sizes at 7 nm, it is critical to measure the concentration of nanoparticles. Condensation particle counters (CPCs) can count nanoparticles. Over the past few years, high flow rate CPCs with very low false count rates have been developed that use water as a working fluid. Rich, retired TSI technology expert, will highlight how this provides an important tool for detecting nanoparticle airborne contaminants in semiconductor manufacturing without being a source of contamination itself.

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About the Speaker

Rich Remiarz graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor’s of Mechanical Engineering degree in 1979, specializing in particle technology. He also has an MBA degree from the University of St. Thomas (1995). 

Rich worked at TSI for over 40 years before retiring in 2019. His original position was an engineer in the R&D department, developing particle measuring instrumentation. During his career at TSI, Rich worked in various functions ranging from engineering to operations to sales and marketing.

When he retired, Rich was the Business Director for the TSI Controlled Environments business, which focuses on the Contamination Control and Critical Environments markets. He now works part-time as a consultant to TSI, providing technical and marketing support primarily related to particle measurements.

About the Ultrapure Micro Conference

Ultrapure Micro is the premier annual conference driving semiconductor manufacturing forward through collaboration and knowledge exchange. UPM 2021 will again take place online as an immersive virtual experience where semiconductor manufacturers, suppliers and vendors, can continue the dialogue around increasing yield, decreasing costs, and improving efficiency. Combining innovative networking sessions with traditional technical content, UPM will explore the latest trends in high purity environments and micro contamination challenges within semiconductor fabrication facilities.