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Thermohygromètre TH12 Airflow Instruments



Détails du produit

The Airflow™ Instruments Thermohygrometer is an excellent hand-held diagnostic instrument for measuring and monitoring temperature and humidity. The Model TH12 quickly and accurately measures temperature and humidity in real-time and also calculates dew point temperature. The TH12 is ideal for conducting thermal comfort studies, IAQ evaluations, monitoring manufacturing processes, checking storage facilities and verifying heating and cooling system performance.

The instrument includes an ergonomic probe and coiled cable to allow for extended reach in difficult areas. The unit will also collect data over time in a user-selectable interval. Statistics, including minimum, maximum and average readings, can be stored and reviewed on the instrument. Results can also be printed on an optional thermal printer. Users can quickly calculate the percent of outside air in a building space using a few temperature readings.


  • Real-time temperature and humidity readings
  • Automatically calculates dew point temperature
  • Discrete sampling function stores multiple points of data
  • Continuous sampling with a user-selectable time interval
  • Statistics displayed on the instrument or sent to an optional printer for hard copy documentation
  • Two-line display shows multiple parameters simultaneously


  • Verify mechanical heating and cooling system performance
  • Conduct thermal comfort analysis
  • Investigate indoor air quality
  • Monitor conditions in manufacturing processes
  • Check conditions in special storage facilities
  • Monitor agricultural conditions

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