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Spectromètre Raman pour processus industriels ProRaman-W

UGS: PRO-W-7B1X-10

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The ProRaman-W is a wide-range, industrial process Raman spectrometer. Formerly known as ExpertRaman-W, this highly-sensitive Raman spectrometer supports both laboratory and industrial process monitoring. Our customers use the lab-grade ProRaman-W to analyze materials of every kind, both in research and academic applications and in product development. It is an affordable, high-value Raman instrument.


Détails du produit

The ProRaman-W features a stabilized laser, high-sensitivity CCD spectrograph. The CCD cools to -60ºC and includes a high throughput immersion fiber optics probe.

The ProRaman-W series is ideal for on-line process monitoring and for any academic, research, industrial applications requiring an affordable, high performance Raman instrument.


  • Academic
  • Research
  • Industrial

ProRaman-W models available

The ProRaman-W Raman spectrometer comes in a range of lasers, laser powers, spectral resolutions, and other available options. Use the table below to choose the model that best suits your needs. 

Model Laser Wavelength Range Laser Power Average Spectral Resolution Detector Temperature
PRO-W-5B2X 532 nm 250-3200 cm-1 0-100 mW 5 cm-1 -60 deg C
PRO-W-5C2X 532 nm 250-4400 cm-1 0-100 mW 10 cm-1 -60 deg C
PRO-W-7B1X-10 785 nm 250-3200 cm-1 0-450 mW 5 cm-1 -60 deg C

Caractéristiques et avantages

  • High sensitivity Raman system for laboratory & industrial process monitoring
  • Best signal to noise characteristics of any laboratory Raman instrument
  • Accurate, fast, repeatable Raman measurements
  • Research grade performance without the price and complexity
  • High power, NIR, frequency stabilized, narrow linewidth excitation source
  • compliant - 21 CFR part 11 and GMP compliance

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