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Processeurs de signal FSA pour systèmes PDPA FSA 4000-XP

UGS: FSA4000-1P

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The FSA4000 series of signal processors is the most accurate and fast, designed for PDPA applications. 


Détails du produit

TSI’s Flow and Size Analyzer sets the standard in digital signal processing. Firmware-based, it is the fastest, most accurate signal processor ever offered for PDPA applications. All versions below are high-performance digital burst processors, offering a host of useful features to optimize data collection:

FSA4000-1P Signal Processor for 1-Channel PDPA system 0.3 kHz to 175 MHz Request a Quote
FSA4000-2P Signal Processor for 2-Channel PDPA system 0.3 kHz to 175 MHz Request a Quote
FSA4000-3P Signal Processor for 3-Channel PDPA system 0.3 kHz to 175 MHz Request a Quote


Caractéristiques et avantages

  • High accuracy based on a combination of SNR-based burst detection, dynamic burst sampling rate selection, multi-bit sampling, and other techniques to maximize measurement resolution and accuracy
  • High doppler frequency – up to 175 MHz – is ideal for measurements in supersonic flows, high-speed pulse sprays, and more
  • Dynamic burst centering, a concept developed by TSI, allows the system to capture samples from the best segment (the middle portion) of each burst 
  • Optimized accuracy even from poor quality signals through the use of patented processing techniques
  • Fully controlled by the FlowSizer™ Data Acquisition Analysis and Display Software