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PowerView Plus 11MP Camera 630062

SKU: 630062

TSI PowerView™ Plus 11MP Camera is a multi-bit, 11-megapixel, digital CCD camera designed exclusively for global flow measurements.

*A newer model of this product is now available.

Product Details

Powerview Plus 11MP Camera System

Features & Benefits

  • 11 million pixel resolution, the highest in the industry
  • 12-bit dynamic output for PIV and PLIF applications
  • Frame rate up to 4.2 fps.
  • Configure for single and dual camera (stereo) arrangements
  • The 64-bit CameraLink camera interface allows for full image transfer at full frame rate of the camera (single and dual)
  • Completely compatible with other cameras from the PowerView Plus camera family
  • Built-in mask to protect CCD circuitry
  • Compact size and lightweight