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Logiciel Insight Version 6S



Détails du produit

TSI's INSIGHT 6-Stereo Data Acquisition, Analysis and Display Software provides comprehensive solutions for capturing, analyzing, and displaying stereoscopic PIV images. Building on the success of previous versions of INSIGHT software, INSIGHT 6 unleashes a range of new capabilities as well as improvements to existing features, resulting in unparalleled measurement accuracy and ease-of-use. INSIGHT 6 software offers the flexibility and power to handle the most challenging flow measurements. On-line display of high level statistics (such as Reynolds stress or strain rate) and overlaying the vector field onto the image field give the user rapid feedback on flow development, an understanding of flow dynamics, and insights into the nature of the flow. The use of algorithms such as the patented Hart Correlation technique and analysis techniques that stem from the patented MicroPIV system contribute to the unique capabilities of the INSIGHT 6 software.