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High Output PSL Aerosol Generator 2045

SKU: 2045

The High Output PSL Aerosol Generator 2045 is designed for particle penetration and leak/integrity testing of HEPA/ULPA cleanroom filters using non-contaminating, solid PSL spheres instead of contaminating oils such as DOP and PAO. This is of particular importance when testing filters for the semiconductor, prarmaceutical and medical device industries.


Product Details

The High Output PSL Aerosol Generator produces 1x108 PSL spheres per cubic foot when injected into 720 cfm of air flow for testing 24 ”x 48” (61 cm x 122 cm) filters at 90 ft/min (0.46 m/s) face velocity, sufficient to produce a downstream concentration of 100 particles/ft3 (3.5 particles/L) for a six-nine efficiency (99.9999%) ULPA filter.


  • HEPA/ULPA Filter Testing (IEST-RP-C001 IEST-RP-C007, EN1822-4)
  • In-situ leak testing of installed cleanroom filters
  • Aerosol research applications that require a high particle generation output

Features and Benefits

  • Generates up to 7.2 x 1010 PSL spheres per minute at 0.12 µm
  • Monodisperse size distribution for PSL spheres with very few doublets and triplets
  • High efficiency atomizer reduces liquid consumption
  • Internal heater controls temperature of PSL suspension
  • Stable and repeatable operation
  • High purity, all stainless steel atomizer for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Can also be used to generate solid particles in aqueous solutions (e.g. NaCl)

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