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General Purpose Water-Based Condensation Particle Counter (CPC) 3787

SKU: 3787

The General Purpose Water-based Condensation Particle Counter (WCPC) is the most cost-effective, entry level model of the family of three Water-Based Condensation Particle Counters. Since this CPC uses water as its working fluid, it is easy to keep it supplied using water purchased locally. Additionally, it does not emit organic solvent fumes and it can be operated safely in sensitive environments. Most commonly used in laboratory environments, 3787 is a useful tool for ambient air monitoring, basic aerosol research, inhalation studies, among other applications.

*A newer model of this product is now available.

Product Details

The Model 3787 has been discontinued.

TSI Water-based-CPCs are the most comprehensive, characterized set of solutions for measuring concentrations of airborne nanoparticles operating with water. The model 3787 and the ultrafine WCPC model 3788 are fully integrated into the SMPS™ family model series 3938 enabling particle size and number concentration measurement. The Environmental Particle Counter model 3783 is the best fit for 24/7 monitoring.

SMPS stands for Scanning Mobility Sizer, another reference system by TSI to measure nanoparticle size distributions.


  • Indoor aerosol research environments sensitive to VOC emissions, such as hospitals and schools
  • Inhalation or exposure chamber studies
  • Health effects studies
  • Basic aerosol research

Features & Benefits

  • Concentration range up to 250,000 particles/cm³ - applicable for most environments
  • Size range down to 5 nm (D50) - good fit to measure size distribution with SMPS
  • Data rate up to 10 Hz - capture dynamic processes
  • Fast response to rapid changes in aerosol concentration (T10-90 < 300 ms)
  • Reliable diagnostics with Pulse Height Monitoring
  • Distilled water as working fluid - no smell, no VOC emissions, no supply issues
  • High aerosol counting flow rate of 0.6 L/min - high accuracy at low concentrations