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Contrôleur de débit d'air Alnor AirGard 350-CEM

UGS: 350-CEM

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Biosafety cabinet monitor with display and high/low alarms. Range 25-2000 fpm (0.127/10.16 m/s).


Détails du produit

The Alnor® AirGard® Model Air Flow Monitor 350-CEM goes a step beyond the Model 315-BSC. Its large LED and digital display of measured velocity give unrivaled information to users, making this monitor a powerful diagnostic tool.

Features and benefits

  • Range 25-2,000 fpm (0.127-10.16 m/s)
  • Accuracy ±5% of reading or 5 fpm, whichever is greater
  • Visual display bar graph with green, yellow, and red zones; jumbo green, yellow, and red LEDs
  • Alarm indications jumbo red LED, audible alarm, relay output
  • Input power 9-30 V AC/DC
  • Mounting flush or kit

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