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CA-CALC Multi-Gas Combustion Analyzer CA-6214

SKU: CA-6214

This unit has been discontinued as of June 14, 2007. 


Product Details

The CA-6214 measures O2, CO, CO (2%), NO, NOx, draft pressure, supply air temperature, and stack temperature. These multi-gas combustion analyzers are advanced tools for tuning burners on light commercial and industrial boilers for maximum efficiency and safety. They also measure NO to provide NOx information for environmental concerns in systems where CO levels are often higher (0-2%) then the standard CO sensor (0-0.5%) measures. The CA-6214 Multi-gas Combustion Analyzers provide the basic Series CA-6200 features, which include a heavy-duty gas sampling probe and field upgrade capabilities plus the measurement of CO (2%), and NOx. The CA-6214 can be field upgraded with gas sensors to measure SO2, or NO and NO2 for determination of NOx. The standard heavy-duty gas sampling probe includes an in-line water trap and a unique, long lasting, serviceable filter. Custom length gas sample probe/hose assemblies are available.

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