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CA-CALC Multi-Gas Combustion Analyzer CA-6205

SKU: CA-6205

This unit has been discontinued as of March 9, 2009. 


Product Details

Model CA-6205 combustion analyzer is a practical tool for tuning burners industrial boilers for maximum efficiency, safety, and monitoring high SO2 emissions. The standard, heavy duty, gas sampling probe has an in-line water trap with a unique, long lasting, serviceable filter. Custom length gas sample probe/hose assemblies are available.

The CA-6205 measures O2, CO, SO2, draft pressure, supply air temperature and stack temperature. 


  • Supplement preventative maintenance
  • Tune burners in boilers, heat exchangers, furnaces, and process heaters for optimum safety and efficiency
  • SO2 emissions monitoring
  • Monitor burner performance

Included Items

  • Rugged dual section carrying case
  • NIST Traceable Certificate of Calibration
  • Four C size batteries
  • AC adaptor (115 VAC, NA)
  • 24-inch gas sample probe and 9-foot hose
  • Optional Accessories: 12-inch or 24-inch gas sample probe with a 25-foot hose

Features & Benefits

  • Measures O2, CO, SO2, draft pressure, supply air and stack temperature, and differential temperature (with optional accessory temperature probe)
  • Replacement sensors are shipped pre-calibrated for field installation
  • Large display and intuitive operation
  • Operates on AC power or C-Cell batteries (24 hrs)

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