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Automated Filter Tester 3140

SKU: 3140-1

Quality control ensures that filters and filter media perform to their specifications. Filter Tester Model 3140 uses aerosolized oil droplets and highly sensitive condensation particle counters (CPCs) to measure filtration efficiencies, as well as the pressure drop of low- and high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters and media for quality control and development. Additionally, ultra-low penetration air (ULPA) filters can be measured up to 99.999999% (eight 9s) efficiencies.


Product Details

The model 3140 filter tester uses the same aerosol generation technology as the model 8130A respiratory filter tester. It works with Emery oil, DOP, DEHS, paraffin and other oils. Two new generation CPCs simultaneously count upstream and downstream particles. This enables accurate, repeatable and fast measurements, for example a HEPA filter can be tested in less than 15 seconds. Data can be automatically saved in a Microsoft Access® data base and downloaded into Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet program.


  • Quality control of HEPA and ULPA filers and filter media
  • Automated filter testing

Features and Benefits

  • Simple, fast and automated operation
  • Highly consistent test results
  • Designed for manufacturing environments
  • Worldwide service and support