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2940 FC2 Liquid Flow Controller

UGS: 2940-01-1001

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Precision control of an external Piezo valve with full scale (TEOS equivalent) of 6.4 g/min

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Détails du produit

This thermal Liquid Flow Controller (LFC) is designed to work with the MSP ‘PE’ series Turbo-Vaporizers. The 2940 LFC is comprised of a thermal sensor to sense the mass flow rate of the liquid and generate a voltage to operate the piezoelectric control valve in the ‘PE’ series Turbo-Vaporizers. The 2940 features a fast response time making it a good choice for short duration vapor pulses frequently used in ALD or short pulse CVD. The 2940 features zoned ‘PID’ settings and a self-learning function for improved control.

Model 2940 Liquid Flow Controller FC2
Full Scale TEOS Equiv (g/min) 32
Full Scale DI Water (g/min) 5.0
Overpressure Resistance (bar) 1
Max Pressure Drop (mbar) 1
Capillary Inner Diameter (mm) 1.8
Power @ 24V (W) 48
Port Connectors 1/8 inch Male VCR Fitting
Operating Temp (ºC) 0–50
Operating Humidity (%) 20–80 non-condensing
Wetted Materials Quartz Glass/PEEK/SS316/Viton/Silicon RTV
Dimensions (mm/inches) 127 x 152 x 25 / 5 x 6 x 1
Weight (kg/lb) 0.45/1.0
Ambient Storage Temperature (ºC) -10–60
Mounting Slots Four slots 0.15 inches wide on a 4.75 inch x 0.75 inch pattern


Communications Pinout
Pin Function
1 +24V
2 Set-point (0–5V)
3 Monitor (0–5V)
6,7,8,9 Ground