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Increase productivity and efficiency post COVID-19

Make your pharmaceutical inhalation lab stronger than ever

Hit the ground running in your Lab post COVID-19

29 avr. 2020 1:00 PM CDT

*Merci de noter que cette page est disponible en anglais uniquement.*

Take control of your pharmaceutical inhalation laboratory space and resources to ensure peak efficiency, productivity, and proficiency

The COVID-19 pandemic has had far-reaching implications for many industries, including inhalation pharmaceuticals. However, once we return to “business-as-usual”, how do we adapt to our current environment and efficiently ramp our projects and method development back up – decreasing our costs and improving our lab and labor utilization?

MSP, a Division of TSI, is hosting a 30 minute webinar, with Q&A after, dedicated to helping you improve lab efficiency and utilization on Wednesday, April 29th at 1 PM CDT.

Topics for this pharmaceutical inhalation webinar include:

  • COVID-19 impact on industry and drug development projects
  • Sources of variability
  • Efficiency, productivity, and reproducibility
  • To automate or not to automate?

Automation in the lab provides a wide range of benefits, including saving time and decreasing cost, reducing variability and driving more consistent and refined analysis results, improving efficiency, and increasing throughput. Certain levels of automation have also been proven to improve analyst’s productivity and job satisfaction.

Help bring your lab back even stronger than before, post COVID-19

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