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Aerosol and Particle Measurement Short Course 2022

Presented by the University of Minnesota and TSI Incorporated

Aerosol and Particle Measurement Short Course 2022

22 août 2022 - 24 août 2022 TSI Incorporated, 500 Cardigan Road, Shoreview, MN 55126 https://cse.umn.edu/tli/aerosol-and-particle-measurement-short-course

Cet événement a lieu aux États-Unis.

Join us for the Aerosol and Particle Measurement Short Course, presented by the University of Minnesota and TSI Incorporated. 

Attend a Free Aerosol and Particle Short Course Workshop with TSI Incorporated.This course includes both lectures and hands-on lab sessions taught by world-renowned experts in aerosol science. The short course provides basic aerosol measurement and sampling skills and is suitable for students or as a refresher course. Participants will learn basic aerosol measurement and sampling skills and have the opportunity to gain fundamental understandings of aerosol properties and behavior.

Browse the complete course information on the Aerosol and Particle Measurement Short Course website.

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Attend a Free Aerosol and Particle Short Course Workshop

This free day of additional training will provide hands-on experience to participants, with a variety of TSI® particle and aerosol instruments available to try. The workshop sessions allow more time with the instruments and one-on-one discussions with TSI® experts. Transportation from the University of Minnesota to TSI Incorporated will be provided.

Lab Sessions   -   *Participants may chose up to two labs to attend*

Lab A: Transient Aerosols: Capturing Fast Size Distribution Changes

In this lab session, we will make measurements of the size distribution and particle number concentration of aerosols that exhibit highly transient behavior such as those emitted by internal combustion engines.

Lab B: Submicron Aerosol Generation and Measurement

In this lab session we will focus on submicron aerosol from two perspectives: measuring ultrafine particles in the atmosphere, and generating submicron calibration aerosol in the laboratory.

Lab C: Supermicron Aerosol Generation and Measurement

This lab will demonstrate two instruments that can generate aerosols larger than a micron, as well as several instruments appropriate for sizing such aerosols. Appropriate applications for each of these instruments will be discussed.

Lab D: Filtration: Filter Testing Concepts and Recommended Practices

In filter testing there are many parameters: what aerosol composition and size to use, what detector and flow rates to use, etc. We will show and discuss several automated testers that use the parameters appropriate for productively testing filters and filter media in several key applications.

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