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CRC Real World Emissions Workshop

Virtual Event

CRC Real World Emissions Workshop

CRC Real World Emissions Workshop 2021*Cet événement a lieu en ligne, en anglais.*

"The 2021 workshop honors 30 years of research and contributions to ever-improving emissions and air quality and continues to evolve in response to research needs."

This year, TSI is proudly hosting a virtual demonstration of our 3095 Engine Exhaust Particle Measurement system, including a presentation on relevant topics.

Presentation Title: TSI Model 3095 Engine Exhaust Particle Measurement System with Two-Stage Porous Tube Thermodiluter for Research on Particle Emissions During Transient Driving Cycles

Dates: March 8-11, 2021

Time: 3:00 - 4:00pm (ET)

More information on workshop topics

There will be techincal discussions on new research in the areas of:

  • Air Quality
  • Special Topic: Effects of COVID-19 on Air Quality
  • Emissions Modeling
  • Off-Road / Nonroad Emissions
  • Emissions Measurement Methods
  • Fuel Effects on Exhaust Emissions
  • Improving the Emissions Inventory
  • Particulate Emissions and Measurement
  • Emissions Control: Measures (I/M) and OBD, Technologies, Strategies
  • In-Use Emissions for Light- and Heavy-Duty Vehicles
  • Brake- and Tire- Wear Emissions