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Alnor Capture Hoods

The Alnor® Balometer® EBT731 quickly and accurately measures direct air volume at diffusers and grilles

Alnor Capture Hoods

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This lightweight capture hood allows easy, one-person operation. Useful options and accessories enhance efficiency on the job.

The Alnor capture hood maximizes HVAC worker productivity with timesaving features. The Bluetooth®-enabled balometer sends air volume data directly to the LogDat™ mobile app. Measurements go faster with the built-in duct traverse program. The Alnor capture hood comes with a micromanometer that allows precise air pressure readings and is conveniently detachable. 

Why more HVAC professionals use TSI-Alnor tools:

  • Supports multiple languages
  • Simple, fast setup and navigation
  • Bluetooth® enabled
  • Capture data on your smartphone with the LogDat™ mobile app
  • Built-in duct traverse program speeds up your process
  • Measure low velocities with optional thermoanemometer probes

Alnor Balometer Capture Hood EBT731-STA Bundle

*Cet appareil n'est pas disponible dans l'Union européenne. Veuillez...

Alnor Balometer Capture Hood EBT731

*Cet appareil n'est pas disponible dans l'Union européenne. Veuillez...

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