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Foot Pedal/MDI Actuation Sensor

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Foot pedals and actuation sensors improve analyst timing, thereby increasing consistency/reliability/accuracy of testing as recommended by the USP.

These partially-automated devices are operated by a single user, freeing additional analysts to focus on other tasks. They integrate easily into your existing Copley Flow Controllers.

These products are also featured in the Copley Catalog, and part numbers for the Copley Catalog are included in the chart below.

MSP/TSI Model # Product Copley Catalog Part # Request a Quote
0001-01-8791 Foot Pedal 8791 request a quote
0001-01-8797 MDI Actuation Sensor 8797 request a quote


Features and Benefits

  • Actuation sensors fit most commercially available MDI canisters
  • Integrates into the BAC and TPK