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Fogger Model 2100

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The MSP (a Division of TSI) Model 2001 Zero-Residue Cleanroom Fogger provides the best price-to-performance for visualization of cleanrooms, fume hoods, and semiconductor equipment. Our Zero-Residue Cleanroom Fogger delivers maximum visibility, zero-residue fog generated by mixing steam and liquid nitrogen.

MSP received the first patent on mixing steam and liquid nitrogen in 1988, and has sold hundreds of units over the decades since. Our fogger design emphasizes simplicity and robustness for a long product life and minimal problems during use. It provides the maximum possible fog volume output while using limited electrical power.

MSP/TSI Model # Product Request a Quote
2001-01-1004 Fogger 2001-115V request a quote
2001-01-0002 Fogger 2001-230V request a quote


See more information in our Cleanroom Fogger 2001 spec sheet.

Features and Benefits

  • Generates high-density fog for up to 45 minutes
  • Produces small (~3μm) droplet size and neutrally-buoyant fog for airflow tracking over long distances
  • Outputs residue-free water droplets in nitrogen gas
  • Includes a flexible 2.5-meter hose and three-piece extendable wand assembly for directional control of fog output. (Custom hose lengths are also available)
  • Fill sensors simplify adding water and liquid nitrogen
  • Drains excess water and liquid nitrogen easily and quickly