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Inhaler Testing Automation and Lab Organization

*Merci de noter que cette page est disponible en anglais uniquement.*

In a market and world driven by increasing pressure to improve efficiency and throughput (to do more with less), simple automation in inhaler testing equipment is something that can easily be incorporated into your method. With automation equipment performing repetitive, time-consuming tasks, well-educated scientists and analysts can focus on completing higher-level, value-added work.

Along with freeing up analyst/scientist’s time, automated inhaler testing equipment in the lab provides additional benefits. Some of these benefits include:

  • Consistency: mechanical processing is always more consistent
  • Repeatability: automation eliminates large uncontrollable variables for more reliable results
  • Method transfer: easily prove effective method transfer from lab to lab, site to site, CRO to manufacturing, and analyst to analyst
  • Clarity: improves troubleshooting with less input variables into method and therefore analysis clarity
  • Cost: decreases long term cost of errors and troubleshooting

MSP, a Division of TSI, carries a wide variety of inhaler testing automated solutions, ranging from equipment performing basic functions to more fully automated systems.

Another way to improve worker satisfaction, reduce errors, and increase efficiency and throughput is to keep a clean and organized workspace. MSP has a wealth of knowledge in test and equipment set-up, sample processing, workflow, etc. With our knowledge, experience, and simple organization equipment, we can help you implement an effective and efficient inhalation drug development lab space. These type of products are also featured in the Copley Catalog.

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