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Appareils de Surveillance de Pression de Salle Pressure RPM20-CC


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Monitors key environmental parameters for compounding pharmacies and other cleanrooms.

Détails du produit

The PresSura™ Model RPM20-CC Room Pressure Monitor is designed to monitor key environmental parameters for compounding pharmacies and other cleanrooms that are not required to comply with Good Manufacturing Practices. It accepts particle concentration measurements from an AeroTrak® Remote with Pump Particle Counter, offering real-time information about contamination levels in the compounding pharmacy. TSI's unique through-the-wall sensor measures room pressure differential, featuring best-in-class accuracy and stability. The Model RPM20-CC can also accept measurements of room temperature, relative humidity and ventilation from standard HVAC sensors.

The Model RPM20-CC features audible and visual alarms to warn of out of control conditions. Alarm delays limit nuisance alarms from temporary excursions. Native BACnet® MS/TP communications support trending and reporting at the Building Management System (BMS).


Features and benefits

  • Stand-alone room monitor verifies system operation
  • Audible and visual alarms warn of unsafe conditions
  • Particle concentration continuously monitored from AeroTrak Remote with Pump
  • Direct room pressure measurement provides continuous monitoring
  • Seamless connection to BMS with native BACnet® MS/TP for data storage and reporting
  • Passwords prevent unauthorized access to menu functions