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Meet the Team - A Day in the Life of Jenny Swanson


Welcome to the TSI blog post series on the SaaS team!

What’s behind TSI? Intelligence and commitment, but above all, real people. Throughout this series, we will tell you more about our SaaS team members, including their experiences, values and passions.

Today we introduce you Jenny Swanson, Product Owner at TSI.


What do you like about working at TSI?
When I was looking to join the company, my first impression was ‘ooh, science-y!’ and that hasn’t changed in the 18 months I’ve been here. It’s not hyperbole to say our products are either helping to make the world a better place, or directly helping individuals to lead safer, healthier lives. Add to that the fact that I get to work on complex, fascinating products with very bright, very principled people every day, and in a well-run, supportive company which has a super exciting future ahead of it, I could say I’m pretty happy to be here.


What does a typical day look like for you at TSI?
I keep day-to-day software development on track, with all the plate-spinning that involves, and also make sure what we’re developing meets the needs of customers now and for our future product plans. It’s an exciting time here with SaaS growing rapidly, so I get to enjoy the dynamism of a start-up-like environment alongside the existing resources of a successful manufacturing company. And if I’m in the office, it’s an absolute treat to walk round the factory floor of a company who still make physical things to very high standards.


Can you share a recent project you have been working on?
We recently launched our latest BlueSky outdoor air quality monitor which adds the capability to measure 5 gases as well as particulates. It’s an exciting expansion to the devices we can support on TSI Link, our cloud-based SaaS platform, and will really expand the breadth of customer problems we can solve. Each new measurement capability we add leads to a whole new suite of solutions for customers, so I’m really looking forward to seeing it used ‘in real life’ after the work we’ve done to prepare for a successful launch.


What’s your background/past experience?
Very varied! I’ve really had two separate careers, one in the UK and then a brand new one when I moved to the US. So I’ve been a scientist, an administrator, a manager in a children’s hospital, run a customer service team, been a product manager for psychometric assessments, and finally a product owner here at TSI helping to build software. And all of it provides applicable and valuable experience to me every working day; never let anyone tell you that you need to have a defined career path in order to be successful at what you do!


What are the values that drive you?
Making sure whatever it is that I’m helping to build is directly doing good and that doing good things is also a fundamental part of the company’s purpose (and not just virtue-washing for a mission statement). I also love to help things work sensibly, ethically and impressively, for external customers, for our own internal processes, and for our fantastic agile scrum teams.


Your top 3 favorite Books/Podcasts?
Books, since I’m not into podcasts (as soon as I start doing something other than intently listening, I find myself constantly having to rewind so I never manage to finish one): Phillip Pullman’s ‘His Dark Materials’ trilogy which I’ll sneakily count as one; The Peculiar Memories of Thomas Penman by Bruce Robinson; and I can’t resist a plug for my sister’s short story collection, ‘This Paradise’ by Ruby Cowling.


What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
Very slowly building out a raised bed garden in our back yard, which seems to mainly involve weeding coupled with a small amount of progress each summer. Enjoying high-end audio and a pretty big record collection, and cooking for friends and family. Plus all the usual suspects – travelling, reading, adventures.

Posted on Jul 29 2022 11:53
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