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What is the real value of SaaS model?


It is not a mystery that many B2B companies have adopted SaaS software solutions in recent years, TSI included, in order to provide a better customer experience. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a software licensing business model, in which the software is centrally hosted in the cloud and licensed on a subscription basis.

Due to the SaaS model configuration, these software applications deliver greater value to the customer by offering accessibility, productivity, and performance.

The benefits of TSI’s Software-as-a-Service applications are:

  • Easy to access and to manage remotely
  • Flexible solution – great customization possibilities
  • Features improvements delivered quickly and continuously
  • Data storage and security managed by the host - not a customer problem
  • Run on any device and data can be shared with department
  • Open integration protocols - offering data integration when customer has own software

TSI currently offers a full air monitoring solution that includes devices, AirAssure™ indoor air quality monitor and the BlueSky™ outdoor air quality monitor combined with TSI Link™ SaaS software. This combined IoT and SaaS solution allows customers to manage instruments and access data remotely all in one place.

Like most Software-as-a-Service applications, TSI Link™ operates on a managed cloud service SaaS platform reducing customer’s burden and bringing higher value in many ways:

  • There is no need for the customer to install, upgrade, or maintain the software. 
    • Only a log-in and internet connection is required. 
  • The SaaS application continuously evolves with new enhancements, features, and bug fixes and TSI Link™ customers receive relevant new functionality immediately.
    • Acquired data is stored, secured, and backed up by TSI and our cloud services provider; removing the cost of data storage from our customers.
  • SaaS applications like TSI Link™ allow to share device accounts in order to facilitate collaboration with partners and colleagues. 
  • TSI Link™ Data Services (API integration) can help you reduce the work, cost, and time in managing your data by providing connection/integration, data aggregation, data processing, and data analytics features. 

Explore TSI Link™ Solutions here and sign up for a free account to view public air quality devices

In exchange for recurring fees, TSI Link™, can solve real customer problems and provide value well beyond what we could deliver through desktop applications.
Since TSI has shifted its software strategy to reduce customer efforts and hassles, give real-time data access from anywhere, provide a quality solution improving overtime we hope you’ll join us as we expand how we to create a better world by protecting people, products, and the environment.

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Posted on Nov 16 2021 17:45
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