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The DevOps Journey at TSI, Part 2

In this second article of a 2-part series, TSI Software Engineer Jake Wardon gives us a quick overview on the state of DevOps at TSI.

By Jake Wardon, TSI Software Engineer III

Where are we at? DevOps at TSI

The DevOps Journey at TSIAs of this writing, TSI has begun to achieve DevOps and Continuous Delivery on some of our newer products. We’ve done this by setting up builds and deployments that are automatically triggered by events in source control. 

Automated triggers

For instance, when a pull request is created, we run automated checks (code quality analysis, unit tests, and end-to-end tests) and report the results back to source control, so reviewers can see whether the tests have passed without having to pull down that branch, compile, and test—making PR reviewing much quicker than it was previously. When a PR is merged, a build is automatically triggered—and in some cases, delivered—to the end user within minutes.

As we close out the year, we look forward to enjoying the efficiency gains realized by our hard work in the DevOps space, as well as incorporating automation into more of our products’ lifecycles.

Challenges and expectations

One of our greatest challenges will be integrating these concepts in our diverse ecosystem of product types. For instance, the tools and methods we use to delivery a SaaS product, will not be the same as those we’d use to delivery desktop or mobile software—and those will be different, still from how we deliver firmware updates to devices in the field.

Read Part 1 of Jake's series. In future articles, Jake will explore the various elements of DevOps in more depth—including the tools and processes that make DevOps possible, and concepts such as “Left Shift” that we strive to achieve.

Posted on Feb 03 2021 13:53
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