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Introducing our latest API Release: New Enhancements for TSI Link users

TSI has recently rolled out a new version (V3) of TSI Link API Data Services including several enhancements that will improve the user experience on TSI Link platform.

On October 27, 2023 all users will be expected to be using API V3.
On November 30, 2023 API Data Services V3  will permanently replace the older version V2.

If you are still using V2 API,  you can find V3 adoption information here.

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Let’s review the main features and benefits of API V3 for TSI Link users:

  • Clear Documentation on a dedicated TSI Link Data Services Portal
    • More onboarding guides; including FAQs
    • More support tools, example calls, preview API calls.  
    • Descriptions and example of each call / path and of data field
    • Downloadable specs
    • Easy integration with Postman for easy testing and integration
    • Clearly define query parameters
  • Better Management of IDs and Secrets
    The system enables quick and easy creation of multiple sets of credentials.  You can easily create, name copy and manage different sets of credentials.  Multiple users or systems in your organization can access the TSI API directly; not having to share credentials. 
  • Optimizing for better performance and improved stability
  • Expansion of query capabilities
    • Getting telemetry
      • for multiple devices at a specific time.  Especially useful for organization that are managing many different devices.
      • For just a specific serial number. Enabling you to manage and pull data for each device individually.
    • Getting latest telemetry so that you can populate your own customized interface.  Or you can use this as a simple means of obtaining continually updating:
      • by device serial number
      • by indoor devices vs outdoor devices
      • by device model number
  • Ability to support different APIs in a single TSI Platform.  We are starting with Air Quality but it will be expanding to support a large array of TSI devices.
  • Expanded calibration information is available

In order to get more guidance on how data integration and how to get started with TSI Link API Data Services use the link below. In case of further questions, contact the team at tsilinksolution@tsi.com

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Posted on Mar 27 2023 02:37
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