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IoT and Wildfires - What Smart Devices Can Do to Protect People in Wildfire Events

In recent years, devastating wildfires have become more common, causing destruction and air pollution in many places around the world. These destructive events not only pose significant risks to property but also threaten the safety and well-being of people in affected areas, both indoor and outdoor; in fact, wildfire smoke contains very small particles that can penetrate into the lungs and pose a serious health risk. 

Leveraging the power of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, it is possible to enhance early detection, improve emergency response, and protect community during wildfire events.

Early Warning Systems

IoT sensors, like TSI AirAssure™ and BlueSky™ monitors, deployed in fire-prone areas can detect changes in environmental conditions, such as temperature, humidity, and air quality. These air quality monitoring systems can provide early warnings by detecting rising temperatures or unusual air quality patterns that may indicate the presence of a wildfire. Real-time data and alerts are critical to detect potential hazards and take quick actions - they can ensure your hospital, work place, or school is safe.

Air Quality Monitoring and Protection

During wildfires, air quality deteriorates rapidly due to smoke and particulate matter. As wildfire smoke can seriously affect the air quality within buildings, it is crucial to set up an IAQ program to monitor the indoor environments to help protect people.
Through smart IoT devices and SaaS platforms, you can remotely monitor air quality conditions continuously and get access to real-time data, with simplified analysis and guidance. This information is vital to ensuring well-being of all building occupants and to make informed decisions.

Remote Monitoring and Surveillance

IoT-enabled cameras and drones equipped with thermal imaging technology can monitor wildfire progression and help identify areas of concern. These devices can provide real-time video footage and imagery, allowing emergency responders to assess the situation remotely, and allocate resources effectively.

Smart Fire Detection and Prevention

IoT-based fire detection systems can complement traditional smoke detectors in homes and buildings. These devices use advanced sensors to detect smoke, heat, or the presence of flames, triggering alarms and alerting occupants and emergency services. Additionally, IoT devices can integrate with sprinkler systems, enabling automated fire suppression upon detection, mitigating the spread of wildfires and protecting lives and property.

TSI customer story 

A children hospital in California implemented TSI Solutions for Air Monitoring in order to help protect patients and staff from wildfire smoke. Read more


Post-Fire Monitoring and Recovery

Following a wildfire, IoT devices continue to play a significant role in the recovery process. Environmental sensors can monitor air quality, soil conditions, and water quality to assess the impact of the fire on the ecosystem and human health. These devices aid in identifying potential hazards and guiding remediation efforts, ensuring a safe return to affected areas.

The Internet of Things presents tremendous opportunities to enhance safety and protect lives during wildfire events. By deploying IoT devices we can improve emergency response, minimize risks, and safeguard communities. As we face the challenges of increasing wildfire occurrences, harnessing the power of IoT devices offers a valuable toolkit to protect people and build resilience in the face of these natural disasters.

Are you ready for next wildfire season?

TSI provides the full solution to monitor air quality outside as well as inside of your business in order to help protect your employees and customers from wildfire smoke. AirAssure™ and BlueSky™ monitors in combination with TSI Link™ will give you peace of mind by monitoring your air quality and providing relevant measurements to take quick actions.


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Posted on Jun 09 2023 11:29
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