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TSI Link Enhancements so far in 2023 - A Better Platform for Your Analysis

TSI is continuing to enhance TSI Link SaaS application to provide a better experience to all users. Thanks to the latest releases, TSI Link platform is now faster, easier to navigate and to configure, and has more in app resources.

Here is the most relevant TSI Link enhancements released so far in this year:

New Features

  • CO2 Auto Calibration

As gas sensors tend to drift over time, TSI implemented a solution, developed by Sensirion, that will auto-calibrate CO2 sensors and restore original accuracy. More details here.

When enabled, the CO2 sensor will recalibrate its baseline reading on an approximate weekly basis, assuming its minimum readings are near an ambient concentration of 400ppm.
However, this feature should be disabled under circumstances where the CO2 sensor is NOT exposed to fresh outside air, indoor air with sufficient clean air intake, or is near human activity for a period of 24 hours.

Please note that CO2 auto-calibration can be enabled/disabled under the device Settings. 

So now customers have both automation and easy configurable control.

  • Expanded Measurements in the CSV Export for Premium software subscribers.

PM 1.0 and 4.0, NC 1.0, 2.5, 4.0, and 10.0, and VOC Ethanol measurements now available in your CSV export for relevant devices. Also added column for local timestamp in UTC format.

  • New Bulk Device Registration Feature for paid subscription users.

In the Devices table, there is now an Add Multiple Devices option where you can upload a CSV file including all of the devices you want to register in bulk, rather than having to register them one at a time. 


Better Usability

  • Serial Number

Serial Number is being provided throughout the application to ensure helps distinguish between your different devices. The devices are identified in two different ways: 1) the Name the customers give them and 2) by the serial number.  It helps to have both and before the device was commonly used throughout the application, but now the Serial Numbers are also shown throughout the TSI Link application on different pages:

  1. Manage Devices Page

  1. Subscription Device Information:  The Manage Subscriptions table will now display all of the devices you have registered to a specific subscription. Now you can better track when subscriptions end or renew, and which specific devices will be impacted. Navigate to Profile > Subscriptions > Manage Subscriptions to view your list of available Subscriptions and their registered devices.  The Device Information pop up shows the subscription activation date, end date, and renewal date for the specific subscription to which your device is registered.

  2. Added device serial # to the header of the map popover card for all devices you own.

  3. Dashboard Widgets: The serial number is shown below the name on Current Readings, Map and History Widgets.

    Note that if the History Widget includes more than one widget then the names are in a legend, not the chart title. And in this instance the serial numbers are not included.


  • Menu Accessibility

Owned Devices can now have the Settings menu accessed via the Manage Devices page. This will enable you to more easily find devices and adjust the Device Name, Latitude/Longitude, telemetry logging interval, calibration and other settings.
Public devices will now display 1 day of data in the history graph (decreased from 1 week)
Devices registered to users on free tier accounts will now display 1 day of data in the history graph and csv export (decreased from 1 week).

  • Small Bug Fix

If a temperature offset has been applied to a device, this value is now noted as being in Celsius in the csv export.  Per the example below the temp units are in Fahrenheit, and there is an offset, that on the export is in Celsius.

Better Documentation

  • Added a Resources tab to the Help Center.

Find links to helpful technical manuals, videos, articles, blogs, and more! 

Improved Performance

  • Faster, Improved API Performance

TSI Link’s new v3 API continues to be enhanced with faster performance.  The API services pages response time has been reduced to about 3 to 5 seconds and the v3 API calls have also been reduced by over 50%.
The TSI Link v2 API will be shut down in 4Q, so soon everyone will be benefiting from our more robust, faster v3 API – You can find more info here.


In case of questions, contact the team at cloudsupport@tsi.com


Posted on Aug 29 2023 22:40
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