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Air Quality: How To Leverage Intelligent Data Visualization and Reporting


In present times, IAQ has risen in awareness and demand for businesses, employers, and independent owners a like to build air quality transparency. For most customers this becomes extremely taxing on their resources and time.

Our early adopters of TSI Link™ Data Analyzer have already benefited from the ease of onboarding, connectivity, aggregation and visualization of data to dramatically decrease their time in the field and analyzing data.

The TSI Link™ Data Analyzer is a Microsoft Excel® add-in that enables API subscribers to easily visualize air quality data from their TSI devices and to run further analysis.

Thanks to our partnership with customers, our Data Services API subscription offers a variety of data points to generate your very own custom reports or leverage the 4 pre-arranged reports available through the Data Analyzer Microsoft Excel® add-in:

  1. Time Charts - a time-based table and chart of selected measurements that enable customers to see historical trends. Includes a statistics table, report header and device statistics.


  1. Floorplan – empowers customers to get a visual representation of the air flow within a building. By uploading a graphic of a building's floorplan, devices are tagged to map air quality, which can be used for energy efficiency and reporting.


3.Thermal Comfort - supports your employees by economizing on the temperature and efficiency of air flow in your building. A time-based temperature-humidity scatter plot with a Too Cool / Too Warm thermal comfort curve developed by ASHRAE.


4.Time Comparison – Verify your HVAC effectiveness and installation by using our time-based report to compare air quality over time. Starting times and duration is configured for the before and after events allowing an overlay graphical comparison of each critical measurement.


With TSI Link™ Data Services gone are the days of inconvenient, inefficient and inaccurate data gathering. TSI’s API Data Services solution removes the manual intervention through customized customer platforms, building management system (BMS) integration, business intelligence tools, and customer data analytic tools.

You will always have insights right at your fingertips with TSI Link™ Data Analyzer.

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Posted on Mar 25 2022 09:30
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