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Cigarettes, E-Cigarettes and Particles

How researchers use TSI instruments to measure particles emitted by electronic cigarettes. Read the application note.

What is a MOUDI and how does it measure cigarette and e-cigarette particles?

TSI Mini-MOUDI Impactor 135-10BMOUDI stands for Microorifice Uniform Deposit Impactor. It is a type of cascade impactor that researchers use to study atmospheric pollution, visibility, and other research on airborne particles. MOUDIs differ from other cascade impactors in a number of ways and they are able to collect smaller particles. They work by collecting particles on substrates at eight stages, based on particle size. 

A MOUDI to measure smaller volumes

TSI also offers a smaller-volume MOUDI, the Mini-MOUDI™ Impactor. The Mini-MOUDI is designed for flow rates at two liters per minute or less. On average, the puff volume demonstrated by smokers is between 20 and 70 milliliters. The Mini-MOUDI is also capable of separating smoke aerosol by particle size, making it uniquely suited for capturing and analyzing cigarette and electronic cigarette particles.

The TSI application note, Mini-MOUDI Impactor for Cigarette and E-Cigarette Research, shows the results of one aerosol mass study of both cigarettes and e-cigarettes. 

Read the application note on cigarettes and e-cigarettes

Learn about MOUDI products at TSI

Analysis of particle data from Mini-MOUDI on cigarettes and e-cigarettes

Publié sur sept. 25 2019 09:41
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