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The Particulate Papers: New materials from TSI aerosols experts

Air quality data is important to researchers and citizens alike. TSI experts publish 3 white papers on particulate pollution.

TSI experts publish 3 papers on particulate pollutionCommunities around the world are mobilizing around air quality. From Delhi to London, from Seoul, Korea to Nelspruit, South Africa, articles on pollution are trending and demand for data is growing. Citizens are taking action to pollution-related health risks in new ways. France recently lost a lawsuit for failing to limit air pollution, and a similar suit against the government of Jakarta, Indonesia, is underway.

Ambient air quality monitoring tools are more available to both researchers and the general public than ever. It's critical that end-users gain a good understanding of what these products measure (or claim to measure). It's just as important for scientists to consistently capture precise readings from reliable instruments. 

Read the Particulate White Papers

TSI aerosol and particle experts have put together useful and actionable information on particulate pollution and published 3 white papers available online. If you work in climate or atmospheric science, or if you research air quality for professional or personal reasons, we invite you to read and download these new publications.

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