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Highlights from a year in science and scientific events at TSI

TSI Application Engineer Andrea Tiwari instructing learners at the Air Quality Monitoring Workshop, 2018Thank you for visiting the Research & Academia blog on tsi.com. We hope you find our posts useful and relevant to your work and studies. We welcome your ideas and topics.

The year in science at TSI

Working at TSI is a unique opportunity to connect with engineers, scientists and researchers of all kinds. We often get to learn about the latest breakthroughs and advances first-hand. 

Our year in science brought us in contact with mechanical engineers (International Conference on Mechanical Engineering), fluid and aerospace engineers (AIAA SciTech Forum, CAV 2018), aerosol and atmospheric scientists (31ème congrès Français sur le Aérosols, Ultrafeine Partikel in der Außenluft und in Innenräumen), filtration engineers (Filtration 2018 & Filtration Stag), geophysical scientists (AGU 100 Fall Meeting), and infection prevention researchers (IPS London). We met with experts in environmental studies (National Ambient Air Monitoring Conference), biomechanics (World Congress of Biomechanics), metrologists, nanomaterials researchers, biologists, and many more. See more research and scientific events on the TSI Events page.

We look forward to another great year of supporting science and scientists with rock-solid data from TSI!

Posted on Dec 05 2018 12:37
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