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TSI instruments are part of the “sneeze lab” where Army scientists work on a COVID-19 vaccine

The military uses TSI instruments in their quest for a COVID-19 vaccine. Watch the Fox News Channel video.

TSI's Aerodynamic Particle Sizer, one of the instruments used by Army researchers

Army scientists “who helped develop vaccines for anthrax, the plague and Ebola” are hard at work on a coronavirus vaccine in Fort Detrick, Maryland. The researchers at USAMRIID, the U.S. Army's Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, work with the CDC, NIH, and biotech and pharmaceutical companies to combat some of the world’s deadliest threats.

Among the Army’s disease-fighting resources are the “sneeze labs.”  These enclosures allow scientists to create sprays of aerosolized droplets like those generated by a sneeze or cough. In the Fox News video at the link below, you’ll see two TSI instruments shown in the sneeze lab, TSI’s Aerosol Diluter 3302A (“Diluter”) and Aerodynamic Particle Sizer 3321 (“APS”). The Aerosol Diluter dilutes the aerosol concentration of the “sneeze” so that the Aerodynamic Particle Sizer can measure the size and concentration of the particles in the aerosol. With this data, scientists can learn about how the novel coronavirus spreads from person to person.

Research applications for TSI particle instruments

Scientists and researchers use TSI particle instruments like the APS (3321) and its Diluter (3302A) in many research applications, including inhalation toxicology, drug delivery studies, atmospheric studies, ambient air monitoring, indoor air-quality testing, filter and air-cleaner testing, and many more.

Watch the 2.5 minute Fox News Channel video below. 

You can also read the article and watch the Fox News Channel video at this link.

Posted on Apr 08 2020 17:21
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