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Understanding the TSI OmniTrak™ Solution: Revolutionizing Data Collection and Analysis

In today's fast-moving world, accurate and efficient data collection is crucial for businesses and organizations to make informed decisions. The TSI Omnitrak™ Solution is a cutting-edge ecosystem designed to streamline data collection and analysis processes, offering a wide range of measurement capabilities and analysis for various industries. Let's take a closer look at how this innovative solution works.

What is the TSI OmniTrak™ Solution?

The TSI Omnitrak™ Solution is a comprehensive ecosystem that integrates advanced technologies to capture, analyze, and manage data effectively. It offers a suite of capabilities that cater to the unique needs of different jobs, including occupational and industrial hygiene investigation surveys, and indoor air quality (IAQ) assessments for hospitals, schools and other indoor environments.

You will need three pieces to effectively utilize the solution:

  • Smart Station
  • Modules
  • TSI Link™ Software

Introducing: The Smart Station

The TSI OmniTrak™ Smart Station is a handheld device with an intuitive interface that can be connected to any TSI OmniTrak™ module. In fact, you can wirelessly connect up to 10 modules to a Smart Station simultaneously. The connected app-- displayed on the screen-- displays measurements in real-time.



The Modules

Choose from a variety of modules available, depending on what you want to monitor. Either   click each module in place on top of the Smart Station, or leave up to 10 modules in an area of the room for continuous monitoring, as long as the Smart Station is within range.

Available modules include:

  • PM
  • VOC
  • PM + VOC (ppm)
  • Ozone
  • Formaldehyde
  • Chlorine
  • Ammonia
  • VOC-PID (ppb)
  • Carbon monoxide
  • More modules coming soon

The Software: TSI Link™ Report Creator

Easily manage and analyze your data with TSI Link™ Report Creator. This software automatically imports, aggregates, formats, and processes your data, seamlessly integrating with Microsoft® Excel® software.

  • Seamless cloud data connection to TSI OmniTrak™ Solution 
  • Quick, automated custom reports in Excel®
  • Smart data visualization through the Layout View 
  • One-stop solution for multiple projects and applications

Together, the Smart Station, modules and TSI Link™ Report Creator create a powerful ecosystem to help professionals do their jobs more efficiently. For more information, please visit tsi.com/OmniTrak.  

Posted on May 07 2024 13:52
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