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Meet the new all-in-one flow meter series

Meet the newest TSI flow meters, the 5000 Series Multi-Meters. One flow meter now provides more measurements and data for your flow projects.

Introducing the newest TSI flow metersWe're excited to introduce you to 26 new models of TSI flow meters! The 5000 Series Multi-Meters are our newest flow meters. They recently completed development and testing, and launched this week. They are available for online purchase.

What's new about the 5000 flow meters?

The 5000 series can do more than other flow meters on the market. They feature bi-directional flow sensing, a color touchscreen display, and PC software. Advanced models offer higher accuracy, built-in data logging, and humidity-compensated flow measurements.

The new models also allow a greater number of measurements, providing more data from a single device.

One flow meter for multiple measurements and applications

The new models can integrate multiple measurements into one compact device, including:

  • mass flow rate
  • volumetric flow rate
  • absolute pressure
  • differential pressure
  • temperature
  • volume
  • humidity

The 5000 Series Flow Meters also feature new configurable tube end adapters, allowing you to use one flow meter with a range of connection tube sizes.

Flow meters for high flow and low flow requirements

You can also select a flow meter that meets your needs for high/low flow.

  • High flow 5300 Series: These flow meters can measure up to 300 standard liters per minute (Std. L/min) while maintaining a low-pressure drop. Compared to other similar flow meters, the 5300s are lighter, more compact, and easier to operate.
  • Low flow 5200 Series: These flow meters can measure up to 30 Std. L/min and provide increased resolution at flow rates under 1 Std. L/min. A smaller internal volume minimizes circuit dead space while providing highly accurate readings.

Choose your best flow meter and buy online today

Multiple models and options enable you to find a flow meter that's right for your application. The right flow meter can help your program or project achieve its goals faster. Browse the flow meter model guide to select the features you need in your next flow meter. This 3-minute video will answer more questions you may have about optimizing your flow data.

Posted on May 10 2019 10:58
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