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MSP, a Division of TSI, announces a new Vapor Delivery Solution product selector

Find the right vaporizer, liquid flow controller, and filter for your thin film deposition process.

Choose the vapor delivery solution that's right for your application with an interactive toolLiquid source vaporization and vapor delivery are critical steps in many CVD thin film deposition processes in microelectronic (CVD and ALD) and industrial (diamond-like coatings and SiC-based) applications. Improving your liquid delivery solution can increase throughput, increase yield and decrease maintenance costs.

Finding the right vapor delivery solution

Choosing the right components for your CVD tool is important, as different applications may require different hardware to optimize performance. Some of the process variables that need to be considered include:

  • liquid/vapor flow rate
  • liquid vapor pressure
  • process pressure
  • liquid thermal decomposition temperature

MSP’s new vapor delivery product selector will walk you through these variables, while also explaining a little about each. Our interactive product selector allows you to select the features you need in your vaporizer, liquid flow controller, and filter

Choose the vapor delivery features you need

Launch the Vaporizer Product Selector

Posted on Feb 08 2021 10:30
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