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TSI’s Tim Johnson supports customers in China with remote assistance for new filter tester orders

How TSI's Tim Johnson is helping Chinese customers install their new filter testers quickly to begin testing respirator filters and other medical filters.

TSI's Tim Johnson preparing video instructions for installing TSI automated filter testersTravel restrictions to and from China are having an impact on business worldwide. In the last few weeks, Chinese authorities have suspended air, road, and rail travel in the area around Wuhan and restricted travel and related activities across China. By following WHO and CDC recommendations for reacting to the 2019-nCoV virus and resulting cases of COVID-19 illness, organizations like TSI are currently unable to conduct our usual in-person support to customers in China.

For some of our instruments, including TSI’s Automatic Filter Tester 8130A, experts like Technical Support Specialist Tim Johnson frequently accompanied shipped products to their destination. Tim has 30 years of experience developing and servicing filter testers, and his expertise helps new 8130A owners begin running accurate and effective filter tests quickly.  Tim has had to find other ways to help Chinese customers ensure that their new filter testers come online quickly to begin testing mask and respirator filter material.

What does a filter tester do?

Data from 8130A filter tests differentiate between effective and non-effective masks, respirators, and other medical and medical device filters.The 8130A tests filters and filter material for compliance with Chinese respirator standards and related inspection requirements, as well as other international standards. Our customers in China are using data from 8130A filter tests to differentiate between effective and non-effective masks, respirators, and other medical and medical device filters.

Tim’s multimedia solution to travel restrictions

Tim began looking for other ways to support an installation at a distance.  Using an 8130A tester in Shoreview, he scripted and shot a new series of videos. Each provides detailed, step-by-step instructions for setting up and operating the delivered instrument from start to finish. The videos are combined with presentation materials that contain step-by-step instructions in Chinese and English, along with manuals, phone and email support, and anything else necessary to get new filter testers up and running. Thanks to Tim’s speedy and creative initiative, we expect our customers in China to have successful installations and to begin testing masks, respirators, and other medical materials to cope with the high demand they are experiencing.

Posted on Feb 24 2020 11:20
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