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Reducing CVD Defects with Post-Vaporization Filtration: A New White Paper from MSP Experts

MSP (a Division of TSI) has published a new paper on reducing CVD defects in semiconductor manufacturing.

Reducing CVD Defects with Post-Vaporization Filtration: A New White Paper from MSP ExpertsExpert Kathy Erickson’s 3-page article for semiconductor manufacturers, “CVD Risk Mitigation: Decrease defect density and increase mean time between maintenance (MTBM) with more effective filtration,” is available now on tsi.com.

Erickson’s article explains how the filtration method after liquid vaporization in semiconductor manufacturing can:

  • Reduce CVD (chemical vapor deposition) defects
  • Increase mean time before maintenance, and
  • Enable lower pressure plasma-enhanced processes.

Highlights from the white paper

Chemical Vapor Deposition (along with ALD and other sub-sets of CVD like PECVD and MOCVD) is one of the most important steps in microelectronic device fabrication. Defects are a costly problem during this phase but some defects are preventable. In this new paper, you’ll learn:

  • Three ways generating a vapor from a liquid source creates defects
  • The types of defects created by vaporizing a liquid source and how to mitigate these risks
  • Four criteria to use when choosing a high-quality filter and why they matter

Download the new paper on reducing CVD defects in semiconductor manufacturing

View and download the new white paper, “CVD Risk Mitigation: Decrease Defect Density and Increase Mean Time Between Maintenance (MTBM) with More Effective Filtration.” 

MSP Vapor Process Gas Filters

MSP, a Division of TSI, offers 316SS Vapor Process Gas (VPG) filters featuring ultra-high filtration efficiency, ultra-low pressure drop, a stainless steel construction, and more thermal mass than other commercial solutions.

About the Author

TSI expert Kathy Erickson has a background in Material Science and Engineering from the University of Minnesota. She began her career in the semiconductor industry as a R&D process engineer at Applied Materials in Santa Clara, California, where she became the primary inventor on a patent for a germanium doped BPSG dielectric layer reflow process. She transitioned into the field of aerosol science with TSI Incorporated in Shoreview, MN, and in 2018 moved to MSP – a Division of TSI to focus on liquid source vaporization for the Semiconductor industry. Kathy has authored and presented multiple journal articles and conference presentations on a wide variety of aerosol science and semiconductor process related topics.

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