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Fit Testing Webinar on UK's new INDG 479

Join us for a 1-hour webinar on the UK's newest guidance on respirator fit testing.

Fit Testing Webinar on UK's new INDG 479

Last summer, the UK's Health and Safety Executive (HSE) updated its industry guidance (INDG) on respiratory protective equipment (RPE) fit testing. The result is INDG 479, a new document to replace the original guidance OC 282/28.

The updates from HSE 282/28 to INDG 479 include changes to test accessories, test prep requirements, competency points, and terminology.

Understand INDG 479 in a free 1-hour webinar

TSI's Gold PortaCount Channel Partner, RPA Ltd. is presenting a webinar on 30 January 2020 to help organizations that use respirators or RPE comply with the new guidance. If you need to better understand the requirements of INDG 479, please join us for this free 1-hour webinar, "INDG 479: The New UK Respirator Fit Testing Guidance, A Question & Answer Session."

As the name implies, presenters Karen Long and Claire Baker will answer questions about the new guidance and respirator fit testing during the webinar. Their objective is to help attendees understand how the changes will affect fit test protocols and programs and how safety & health professionals can incorporate the new guidance into their practices.

Interested in learning more? See more details about the upcoming webinar and a link to the registration page.

Posted on Jan 20 2020 08:27
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