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Massendurchflussmesser 4225

Artikelnr: 4225

Nicht mehr lieferbar


This unit has been discontinued as of December 31, 2007. To find technical or service information, click on the Service and Support tab above. Other available literature can be found under the Product Literature tab.

Model 4225-01-01 mass flowmeter is a UL-recognized components designed for measuring air where methane or propane may be present in the gas stream. It features a very low pressure drop, wide flow rate range and 20 millisecond response time. The rugged, sealed housing is ideal for demanding environments.

Series 4200 flowmeters are 100% calibrated and completely ready to install. The standard, simple design of Series 4200 flowmeters saves engineering time, reduces costs and helps get products to market faster.


1) These flowmeters are not designed for environments where combustible gases are normally present outside the flow tube. They are not designed for use with hydrogen.

2) These meters are designed and priced to be replaced rather than recalibrated. TSI does not offer recalibration of these meters.

Features and Benefits

  • Output (linear): 4 - 20 mA
  • Aluminum flowbody
  • Very low pressure drop reduces pump/blower size and power
  • Flow range: 2 to 200 standard L/min air (4225-01-01)

· Flow range: 2 to 50 standard L/min Air (4225-01-02)

· Flow range: 1 to 50 standard L/min Methane (4225-08-02)

· Flow range: 1 to 40 standard L/min Propane (4225-09-05)

  • UL-Recognized component (4225-01-01, 4225-01-02, 4225-08-02)
  • 25 ms response time (4225-01-01, 4225-01-02, 4225-09-05)


  • Fuel cells (4225-01-01, 4225-01-02, 4225-08-02, 4225-09-05)
  • Plasma gas cutting machines (4225-01-01, 4225-01-02, 4225-08-02)
  • Oven purge (4225-01-01, 4225-01-02)

Included Items

  • Quick reference
  • Not included: Interface cable (p/n 1303775)
  • Not included: 12 VDC power supply (not available from TSI)

Not included: Fittings (see e-store for available fittings)


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